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event technology

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Our company has been dealing with event technology since 2014. In the beginning, through our headquarters in Győr, our main activities were primarily the organization of events in the city of Győr and the provision and operation of the technical background of larger sports facilities. Thanks to our conscientious work and invested energy, our presence has risen to a national level over the years. At the same time, we received requests from more and more popular Hungarian bands to provide high-quality soundengineering and visuals for their productions. Since we have constantly placed great emphasis on quality work and the development of our equipment park, it has become possible for us to establish cross-border partnerships in a short period of time. Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and Luxembourg are just some of the European countries that serve as venues for our partners'large-scale events. Our trained and experienced team works diligently every day to ensure that both our customers and the public are satisfied.

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Our company undertakes the realization of concerts of the most diverse musical styles throughout the country, which we provide theperformers with the full range of event technology necessary for the productions. In all cases, we provide the highest quality - be it sound, light,stage or visual technology.

tom jones concert
mvm dome

mándoki soulmates concert budapest

Halott Pénz concert győr

Győr, Fehérvári út 75, 9028
+36 20 374 7673

3d design

Thanks to our state of the art graphic modeling programs and our team of experts, our customers can view the three-dimensional model of the stage long before the event. Therefore it is possible to e.g. to plan the location and design of the stage, LED wall, light and sound technology down to the millimeter- and, if necessary, to modify it, if the characteristics of the selected location require it - so that everything can finally be placed in the most suitable manner for the production.

stage design
unreal engine

satge design

sound coverage simulation

Győr, Fehérvári út 75, 9028
+36 20 374 7673


Nowadays, video technology has become an integral and inevitable part of concerts and productions, which largely determines its atmosphere, vision and the experience. However, the technology itself is only a tool with which we can display graphics and animations on different surfaces. It is crucial that what the general public sees is intertwined with the production. Regarding the content the range of possibilities are endless, and can only come to form with the collaboration of the customer/artist and the designer.

Győr, Fehérvári út 75, 9028
+36 20 374 7673


We also deal with the design and construction of complex sound, light, visual,IT and digital content delivery systems, as well as the coordination and operation of the existing infrastructure. Our references include, among others, the installation technology of the Audi Arena in Győr, the Olympic Sports Parkand and the Aqua Sports Center.

audi arena győr

aqua sport center

house of music hungary

Győr, Fehérvári út 75, 9028
+36 20 374 7673


Our team has been providing bands with quality sound,lighting and visual technology for several years. Thanks to our mobile installations, we can creatively implement a custom designed visual environment that meets the needs of the bands.

kowalsky meg a vega on tour

republic on tour

tnt on tour

Győr, Fehérvári út 75, 9028
+36 20 374 7673


Due to our company's versatility and high-quality equipment, we can say with certainty: the implementation of a conference for several hundred people is just as easy for us as a Christmas party for a few people.

Sportball 2019

videoton conference

property forum vienna

Győr, Fehérvári út 75, 9028
+36 20 374 7673

repair & maintenance

Reliability and accuracy, based on decades of professional experience, provide the security that every company desires when operating systems. Our team knows the special, permanent needs of event halls, cultural and sports facilities, and media institutions very well - we are at home in the high availability operation of the technical and IT infrastructures that serve them. You can rely on us not only for the continuity of existing systems, but also for expansions, transformations and the planning and implementation of new systems.

Győr, Fehérvári út 75, 9028
+36 20 374 7673


We have significant IT experience, so we are able to provide world-class solutions for the increasingly specialized and network IT challenges of media services. Today, there is no such event where it does not rely on a significant extent on IT. If you run through our rental equipment park, you can be sure that all IT "options" are "basic" with us. In our systems, all connections are built in a fault-tolerant architecture, so we approach tasks with the "reserve also has a reserve" approach, which we draw from our decades of experience. We are at home not only in relation to road events, but also in fixed installations, serving the unique IT needs of press, sports and conferences on our desk.

Győr, Fehérvári út 75, 9028
+36 20 374 7673


3d design





repair & maintenance



  • L-Acoustics k Series

    long throw
    L-Acoustics KS28
    L-Acoustics K1-Sb
    L-Acoustics K2
    L-Acoustics KARA II

    L-Acoustics s Series

    single source of elegance
    L-Acoustics Syva
    L-Acoustics Syva Low
    L-Acoustics Syva Sub
  • L-Acoustics a Series

    medium throw
    L-Acoustics KS21
    L-Acoustics A15 Focus
    L-Acoustics A15 Wide
    L-Acoustics A10 Focus
    L-Acoustics A10 Wide

    L-Acoustics x Series

    Point source loud speakers
    L-Acoustics X15 HiQ
    L-Acoustics X12
    L-Acoustics 5XT
  • Meyer Sound Leopard
  • L-Acoustics LA-RAK II AVb
    L-Acoustics SOLO LA12X
    l-Acoustics SOLO LA4X
  • Avid VENUE S6L 32D included MLN-192 AVB Milan Card
    Avid VENUE E6L Engine
    Avid Stage 64
    Allen&Heath dLive S5000
    Allen&Heath dLive DM32 MixRack
    Allen&Heath SQ-7
    Allen&Heath SQ-5
    for more I/O Allen&Heath DX168
  • Digico S21
    Digico SD9
    Digico D2-Rack
    Midas VENICE-U16
    Midas VENICE-U24
    SSl Six
  • 48 ch  Analogue 4 way Audio Splitter
  • FOH Driverack pack

    MAC Mini
    Focusrite Scarlet 18i/20
    2 X L-ACOUSTICS P1 for redundancy
    DirectOut PRODIGY.MP
    2 x Eaton UPS for redundancy
    Furman PL8CE
    2 x Luminex gigacore 10
  • Meyer Sound Galileo Galaxy 816
    Meyer Sound RM SERVER
    Meyer Sound SIM3
  • Shure SM58
    Shure SM57
    Shure BETA 58A
    Shure BETA 57A
    Shure BETA 52A
    Shure BETA 91A
    Shure SM81-LC
    Sennheiser MD 421-II
    Sennheiser e904
    Sennheiser e906
    Sennheiser HSP2
    Sennheiser HSP4
    Sennheiser ME3-II
    Sennheiser SKM 300
  • Audio-Technica AE3000
    Audio-Technica AE5100
    Audio-Technica AT4040
    DPA Rock Touring Kit
    Radial J48 Active DirectBox
    Radial J48 Stereo
    Radial JDI Passive DirectBox
    Radial JDI Stereo
    Radial TWIN-ISO
  • light

    Elation ACL 360 MATRIX
    Elation Cuepix Blinder WW2
    Elation Proteus Beam
    ETC Source Four Zoom 750W (25°-50°)
    GLP Impression X4 Bar 10
    Martin Atomic 3000LED
    Stairville CX3 LED PAR
    Stairville Retro Flat Par 18x10W RGBWA UV
  • Visual

    Digiverzum 3.9 Outdoor LED
    VDWALL A6222
    VDWALL LVP-609
    Sending Card Boxes including MSD300 & MSD600 cards
    Roland V-1200HDR Control Surface
    Roland V-1200HD Multi-Format Video Switcher
    Roland VR-50HD
    Roland V-02HD MK II
    Sharp PN-Q 601
    Green Hippo Hippotizer Karst+ Media Server


Győr, Fehérvári út 75, 9028
+36 20 374 7673